Power up your site with Nocus Networks’s collection 9.0

The Nocus Collection 8.0 is the powerhouse package of Nocus Networks modules and includes all of our most popular components. With this collection, you’ll get 11 of our top modules, including:

…plus everything else you need to make your website work for you with the greatest of ease. 

Be your own superhero with the…

Nocus Collection 9.0!



 Dynamic Forms

Now more than ever, interactive forms are essential to your web presence. Thankfully, Dynamic Forms from Nocus Networks offers all the features you need to capture your data and create the workflow you need in your business.

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Dynamic Registration

Need custom fields and workflow for your registration? Get all the power and ease of use to create the registration and profile management just the way you want it.

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Dynamic User Directory

The perfect compliment for extending your portals users and social community! An essential ingredient for managing dynamic user information is being able to search, filter and sort key fields and create useful user directories and custom report information.

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Dynamic Login

Add pizazz and functionality to your site login! Dynamic Login gives you custom templates, localization, redirection rules, SQL Validation, and Single SignOn. Want more? How about Facebook Connect, too? Your login has never been more exciting!

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 Dynamic Views

Now you can have a feature-rich reporting module with custom defined templates and unlimited search options without the complex learning curve!

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 Interactive User Import

This is the single best import and export module for users on the market, hands down. Interactive User Import provides you with the functionality to easily and quickly import users into DotNetNuke through a streamlined and well-documented wizard with many advanced features.

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Tailored Text

Personalization allows you to go the extra mile in communicating and connecting one-to-one with your clients. Leverage the power personalized content on your DNN portal.

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 Opt In Email

Never pay a fee to send your newsletter out! Setup email campaigns to follow up with workflow. Relationship building and communication are two essential nuts and bolts for a business to prosper. Manage your newsletters to generate continuous awareness of your website, products and services.

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Renewal Reminder

Want to notify users that their role will expire soon? Renewal Reminder is your answer! Automatically send out emails to get your users to take action and renew their memberships. Don’t lose your active (or paid) users to expired roles!

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Stock Quote Module

Giving your site visitors relevant information is critical. With the Nocus Networks Stock Module you can provide your users with up-to-date financial information.

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