Relationship Building and Communication are two essential nuts and bolts for a business to prosper.

This module allows you to bridge both of these and easily generate continuous awareness of your web site, products and services.

Never pay a monthly fee to send out to your email list again and always keep in contact with your audience by creating custom campaigns and workflow. Our Opt In Email module is very user friendly and allows you to easily expand and categorize your marketing updates as your business evolves. Your prospects and customers will greatly appreciate this feature by being updated with appropriate messages marketed to them. Translation? Better customer service, faster closes, stronger sales – and none of the foot work. Now that’s Opt In Email at its finest.


The Opt In Email module allows administrators to create ‘Opt In’ categories and distribution lists. Users of the system can easily select which distribution list(s) they would like to Opt In/Out of. Maintenance and reports are available for administrators and an enhanced version of ‘Newsletters’ is included so you can easily distribute to your Opt In lists.

Some of the Opt In Email module features include:

  • The ability to setup as many Opt In categories as needed
  • Settings for each Opt In module to select as many or as few Opt In categories
  • Collect the users First/Last name along with their email address
  • Verify the users email address after Opting In via email
  • Existing users ability to manage their Opt In settings through the emailed link to the system
  • Manage Users/Lists module to add to and maintain users/categories
  • Each area of the site and each email distributed through the system is customizable within the system.
  • Setup parameters within the emails send to users – i.e. Dear $(FirstName), …
  • Reports for Opt In List(s) including ability to export Opt In Lists/Users to Excel
  • Settings for email subject lines, email messages, and mail SMTP settings
  • One of the heroes in Collection 7.0

The Opt In Email module allows administrators to create ‘Opt In’ categories and distribution lists. Users of the system can easily select which distribution list(s) they would like to Opt In/Out of. Maintenance and reports are available for administrators, and an enhanced version of ‘Newsletters’ is included so you can easily distribute to your Opt In lists.



What’s new in 5.2?

  • Lots of new UI enhancements!
  • Expanded features for administrators managing newsletters.
  • More updates to support DNN 7.2 and 7.3


What’s new in 5.1?

  • Allow distribution with Amazon AWS Simple Email Service (SES)
  • Create a cookie within both the standard and simple opt in email module that will be created when a user subscribes
  • Now enable the jQuery Watermark feature within the simple opt in email module (previouslly only allowed on the standard module)


What’s New in Version 5.0?

Major Enhancements:

  • Ability to create “Template Sets” for newsletters. Template Sets allow you to setup a dynamic set of variables to collect from the end user (which is an Admin / user sending the newsletter) that would then be “Plugged Into” the newsletter. For example, instead of the user now having full “HTML” access to the newsletter, the Admin can define for instance 5 text box areas, two headlines, and two images. When the user starts to fill in the data for the newsletter, the system can replace those specific areas of text with the full WYSIWYG template.
  • New “TABS” interface to quickly navigate within sending a newsletter through a wizard experience. As features are enabled/disabled the tab would no longer appear.
  • Ability to test the opt in email verification emails with a new “Send Email Test” within the main Opt In Email module configuration control panel.

Minor Enhancements / Fixes:

  • First / Last Name can now be visible but optional when collecting the subscribers information.
  • Optional watermark features for first name, last name, and email address within main Opt In Email and Simple Opt In Email module.
  • Ability to send BCC now to the entire distribution list if desired.

What’s New in Version 4.4?

Lots of updates to make newsletter distribution easier than ever!

  • Support for latest DNN 6.x HTML Editors and injecting tokens expand content and layout options!
  • Send out your messages quickly by injecting module content, dynamic or static into your newsletter. Pick and choose the module from the list and simply click “Inject.” This significantly cuts down on building your email content.
  • Simplify your Admin interface by customizing controls and hiding features you might not use or need, such as a non-personalized version, text only, and others.
  • Tracking links? Eliminate all the extra steps and let the new auto-link tracking feature create link tracking definitions for you.
  • Maximize your read-count per newsletter with the option to distribute email during business hours only.

What’s New in Version 4.3?

In the Opt In Advanced Email:

  • Easily select to publish or unpublish a newsletter in the Previous Newsletters module. In earlier versions, you could only set this property when creating a newsletter.
  • New Search and Filter features offer easier management. Filter the newsletters list based on opt in list and search the newsletters by subject or message.
  • ‘View Logs’ now available for each of the module’s scheduled tasks (newsletter distribution, email campaigns, and bounceback protection). You can now view the history of the tasks directly within the module interface itself. You can also clear the history, refresh the history, and kick off the scheduler right from the module.
  • The Bounceback Settings allows you to forward emails that were not marked as bounced to another email address. This feature protects you from missing potential sales emails or valid questions from clients who respond back to you directly!


What’s New in Version 4.2?

In the Main Opt In Email:

  • SMS Text Mode:  Enable this mode to allow for SMS Text #’s instead of email addresses. When the SMS Text mode is enabled the user will be presented with a request for their phone number and choose from a dropdownlist of mobile providers. The initial list is already set up during installation but you can modify the list of providers as needed.
  • Manage subscribers enhancements:
    • New feature to ‘Resend verification link’ when managing subscribers.
    • Users subscription date/time included within search grid.
    • New ‘Global Manage’ feature allows you to execute actions for multiple subscribers at once. Choose ‘Select All’ or check each subscriber and choose to set their subscription to verified, opt them in or out of lists, remove subscriber. Selected actions will be executed against each subscriber selected.
  • List Import enhancements:
    • Now import Opt In Email Extended Fields within both CSV import and SQL Import options.
    • Now import from existing Opt In Email List.
  • Enable a ‘Check All’ feature above or below opt in lists so your subscribers need not click multiple times to opt in to multiple lists.
  • New feature to display different ‘Opt Out’ messages when a subscriber opts out of all lists vs. subscribers who have just managed opted out of specific lists.
  • New Enhancements for Extended fields. Features include ability to setup short field name, help text, and sort order within the user interface.

In the Opt In Advanced Email:

  • Increased Performance – Tested against database with lists of 100,000+ for maximum performance!
  • Enhancements distribution reports, statistics, and charts. See screen shots of the sample reports below:


  • Enhancements for email campaigns and link tracking definitions: Clone/Copy Email Campaigns/Link Tracking definitions.
  • Set up emails to include file attachments and be sent in text or HTML modes.
  • New ‘Web Display’’ token to include within newsletters. This token can be used for emails such as ‘Can’t read this? View this newsletter on the web’. The link will generate a view of the newsletter directly on the website.
  • Ability to optionally hide Opt In Lists for initial subscriptions. This has been requested in the past and is now a feature included within the release. The feature is useful when you only have an individual opt in list and don’t want to force the user to check that they want to opt into the list.
  • Optionally Inject Portal Stylesheet directly for newsletters and emails


What’s New in Version 4.1?

  • Content Localization – Now you can setup the module to have multiple opt in lists/subscriptions and layout based upon the selected language. View Demo
  • Force SSL Option – Now force all links within the module to optionally be SSL.
  • Alternate Settings – Additional alternate settings have been added to specify alternate encoding, SMTP, and an alternate portal alias.
  • Inject Module Content – New tokens were added to allow you to inject specific module content directly into newsletters. When the newsletter is distributed, the module content will be directly inserted into the email without the container and skin.


  • What’s New in Version 4.0?

In the Opt In Email Enhancements:

  • Control panel / dashboard with AJAX for easy administration of opt in lists, subscribers, configuration and options.
  • Extended list import features includes SQL import – Now you can import from CSV, Excel, SQL, and DNN® Security Roles.
  • Layout enhancements including in-line editing of display layout, ability to use link buttons or image buttons, hide help icons, and new style sheet classes throughout.
  • Optionally now notify Admin of new subscribers.
  • New email options throughout! Now setup ability to use from email names and reply email addresses.


My Newsletters / Advanced Newsletter Enhancements:

  • Now directly search, view statistics, clone, and save/delete draft newsletters.
  • Email Campaigns – Now setup a series of emails allowing you setup campaigns, so that when a user subscribes they will automatically receive an email every ‘x’ days from each other, so they will not receive Email #2 until they have received #1 for example. Email Campaigns run on their own schedule and allow you to easily create dynamic content that all subscribers can receive based on specific rules that you define.
  • Bounceback Protection / Reports – You can now setup bounceback protection for newsletters and email campaigns. The application will check your system for emails that have bounced back (and sort through ‘Out of Office’ replies and so on) and log these for List Cleanup reports and actions.
  • List Cleanup – View reports based on failed emails and bounceback protection along with actions to optionally remove subscribers from the system .
  • Extended Newsletter Tracking – You can now control newsletter tracking including the ability to track newsletters based on a pre-defined image of your choice or by including a style sheet linked within your newsletter. Tested and proven success with applications such as Microsoft Outlook® to prevent spam and invalid reading results.
  • Link Tracking – Now include link tracking with your newsletters and email campaigns. Link tracking has extended features besides just reports. You can even define an email to go out if a subscriber clicks on the link.
  • Enhanced newsletter and email campaign statistics including counts of subscribers/distinct who have read newsletters, link tracking reports, subscribers who have opted out, failed emails and bouncebacks, and much more. Reports and statistics also include details such as the last read date/time of the subscriber and their browser type.
  • Enhanced interface throughout the module including Distribution Dashboard of recent activity, and newsletter creation improvements for testing, saving draft newsletters, copying newsletters, and viewing quick statistics.


What’s New in Version 3.0?

Newsletter / Email Tracking:

  • Distribution reports show the number emails that go out to users and which of those users have actually read the newsletter.
  • Email tracking includes tracking how many times they have read the newsletter, their IP Address, and their browser type.


Opt In Email Layout / Other Enhancements:

  • Optionally hide help icons within main Opt In Email module.
  • ‘Auto’ load authenticated users Opt In Email subscription.
  • Specify category defaults – If opt in email list is auto selected/checked upon load.
  • Maintain module stylesheet directly within module settings.
  • Now optionally specify a base header tag to use when distributing emails.


What’s New in Version 2.6?

  • Now schedule newsletters to be distributed on a particular date / time – Now with many options for scheduling newsletters, including the ability to specify an amount of emails to be distributed per scheduled distribution. For example, send only 100 emails per hour until the distribution finishes. You can even specify the scheduler to run every based on any time frame (by minute, my hour, by day, etc).
  • Additional logging features for scheduling – Distributions can be sent in test module where the emails will go to a specified test email.
  • New Opt In Email category options for sort order and distribution security role.


What’s New in Version 2.5?

  • Previous Newsletter module – Utilize the Previous Newsletter module to display previous newsletters distributed through the advanced newsletter module automatically. When creating a newsletter to go out just select if you would like for it to appear in the user-facing previous newsletter module.
  • Import List feature. Import lists directly from excel/csv file directly into the categories specified. Additional importing features allow you to import all users within a DotNetNuke Role. Concerned about importing duplicates? Don’t worry, the Opt In Email List Import will only import new email addresses.
  • Many other new and extended features including additional administration settings, more opt out email options, and a new quicker data layer.


What’s New in Version 2.0?

  • The ‘Simple Opt In’ module includes the very limited basics (no managing opt in info or other items that fill up the page). This new module is useful for a right or left column on a home page or to just keep it simple on any page.
  • Ability to include Extended Fields for the Opt In Email module. Extended fields can be in the form of a textbox (long, short, multiline), dropdownlist, checkbox, or radio button(s). Full reporting and maintenance can be done on these extended field items.
  • Portal specific maintenance – Maintain lists, categories, and extended questions tied specifically to the portal. Only Super User Accounts can change or maintain other lists/categories and what portal they are tied to.
  •  Several enhancements to layout and design. You maintain the text for ‘Subscribe Me’ link and ‘Go’ link. Additional settings allow you to have the labels and fields displayed on same line or separate line.


Advanced Newsletter:

  • Maintain and view previous newsletters sent out through the system, along with who they were distributed to and when.
  •  Easily select from a previous newsletter to start a new newsletter from a template
  •  Enhanced newsletter parameters. Include variables with each newsletter for the user (i.e., Dear $(FirstName)…).
  • Additional Opt Out features included so that users can opt out of a particular category or opt out of all categories.